Animation Reel 2017

Motion Graphics

:03 - Overlay animations                         ▼
:04 - Title animation
:05 - Animation
:07 - Bomb modeling / animation / compositing
:09 - Overlay animations / rotoscoping
:12 - 3d and 2d animations
:14 - All 3d work / animation
:19 - Animation / compositing
:21 - Animation
:22 - Animation
:23 - Animation
:25 - All 3D work / animation
:26 - Animations
:27 - 3d and 2d Animations
:29 - Overlay animations
:32 - Animation
:34 - Lower 3rd and background animation
:37 - Animation
:39 - Animation
:40 - Animation / compositing                  ▲

Iona Fundraiser Video

Motion Graphics / Video Editing

A video sent to alumni of Iona College promoting the Iona Forever fundraiser.

I did the animations and edited together the footage and photos.

SANS Animation Reel

Motion Graphics

A compilation of some of the animation work I've done while working at SANS: Securing The Human.

The reel includes snippets from our catalogue of 40+ videos on cyber security and some R&D work used to create our current video style.

Libel and Slander Intro

Motion Graphics

The intro to a Chicago-based comedy web series that I designed and animated. This is one of the several animations I’ve done for shows and web-series in the Chicago comedy scene.

Wet Cash Show Promo

Motion Graphics / Video Editing / Filming

A promo clip from the live comedy show I produce that I filmed, recorded audio, mixed, edited and animated.

For over a year, I have been recording the show and creating promos to advertise and engage an audience on social media including weekly clips and video line-ups.

D-Pad Deluxe Series

Motion Graphics / Video Editing

A video from a video-game based sketch series I created. Except for the game footage, I wrote, recorded, mixed, edited and animated everything.

Through out the series I’ve done animation, modelling, texturing, lighting compositing, video editing, game footage capturing, VO recording, audio editing and design.